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The present campus previously known as Quaid Academy, got established in April 1993 as a welfare institute. The Pre-School of main APS (APS South) shifted to Quaid Academy in April 2001and was named Toddlers Academy. Formal inauguration was carried out by GOC Corps Reserve 5 Corps Maj General Ehtasham Zamir on May 21st 2001 with 17 Sections and 38 Teachers. In 2003 a block of 8 rooms for Class Prep was added by then GOC Maj General Ahsan Azhar Hayat. Yet another block of KG was added on 29th April 2006 by Maj General Tahir Mehmood Malik (Late). After restructuring in Arpil 2013 the School became independent. A new block of 4 room of KG section came up in August 2013. The very next year Junior Section was added to the campus and the name changed from Toddlers to APS North. Now in August 2015 another block of Middle Section I is being inaugurated by Maj General Shahzad Naeem the GOC 25 Mech Div. With the addition of Middle Section the number of sections have increased from 24 to 32 and the strength of teaching faculty has also increased from 53 to 71.

The Pre-School of APS North Campus Malir Cantt is awarded Best Pre-School of the year 2014.



  • Bibliophiles read program:

This effective program improves the learning process and the concept of reading for pleasure among students. Embed reading culture across the school. Bring a social change by involving the whole school community including the parents. This program is closely supervised and students are graded and receive incentives. Our training plays a vital role to run it and provide a conductive environment for the promotion of reading.

  • Struggling learners:

Our major focus is struggling learners. We make strenuous efforts to bring a change in their learning and growth. For that matter, we diverged from the normal schedule and added a zero period, especially for the remedial classes. We followed a separate plan, have introduced extra worksheets and involve students in activities to bring improvement in formation, reading and writing.

  • Emotional health

We have a psychologist who helps parents. Understand the dynamics of emotional health issues and its impact on children. We are trying to work on students well being and create a stress free environment in school.  Improve communication among administrators, teachers, and parents empower students and normalize their behavior. Develop skills of social value and empathy so that, children don’t feel angry, frightened, powerless or emotionally bruised and exhausted.

  • Day Care

We facilitate our staff by providing a day care for the supervision of their children from 7:00 to 3:00. We have an organized system to run it with a teacher and ancillary staff. Children are kept involved in learning activities designed to stimulate their mental faculties through firsthand experience. It is an organized, supervised extracurricular recreation.

  • Activity based training(Pre-School)

We totally believe in activity based learning and constantly are on the hunt for innovations. L.C.Ds are a great support in adding variety of learning activities. We encourage all the teachers to goggle down ideas for the purpose and these are exchanged. Which adhere to the short attention span, we are dealing with. Movie sessions are also active for visual learning.

  • Games/sports

We give priority to the games and sports activities. Our P.T teacher has developed a variety of games and races to cater the high energy levels of our kids. Board games are also introduced. (Quality emphasizing skills development)We constantly focus on the skills through computers, music and games.

  • Quality assurance

V.E already active in the classes through 5 minutes talk. Assemblies presentations, but now its fortified through quality assurance. Worksheets are added to embed the concepts deeply. Through role play its highlighted to instill the basic values in children.

  • Slow learners

On the onset of the new session slow learners are highlighted which is our major concern. A well thought and effective plan is active in the section to encounter the toughest task in a smooth manner. By the consent of parents an extra class of 30min is conducted after the dispersal for the slow learners. We have yielded fruitful results as the slow learners have minimized in the process.

  • S.I.P

A team of think tanks are constantly generating ideas for innovations in academics plus the general face lift of the school. Upgrading play area in the Pre’s is in process. Additions have been made in the play area and some are in the pipe line:

  1.  Sands pit.
  2.  Play area with green turf and covered ceiling.
  3.  Swimming pool.
  4. Ball room.
  5. Activity room.
  6. Walking library.

We believe that parental engagement is an essential component of our children’s education. We urge every parent to become involved in school activities.

  • Newsletter and magazine

Publication of newsletter on quarterly basis. We have started working on our school magazine. Very shortly it will be published and distributed among children.

  • SBTs and Workshops

SBTs and workshops are a regular feature of both Pres and Juniors.

  • English language classes

English language classes are conducted by the HM Pre section from 1:00 – 2:00 pm for the teachers.

  • Health & physical fitness classes

Health classes are conducted for the teachers from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. The teachers are taught to maintain their physical fitness.

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