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Education, without any second opinion, remains the backbone and a master key to long lasting development and success of any society. It is an experience that has a formative effect on mind, character or physical ability of an individual and is a process by which accumulated knowledge, skills and values from set of chosen people of society is deliberately transmitted to the next generation.

Through a long process of evolution, Army Public School and College, Malir (APS&C) has matured into a highly established network of well reputed schools and colleges all over the country. It is not only providing quality education and grooming to wards of armed forces personnel but also contributing towards imparting a great learning experience to our civilian children. Due to these valuable services, APS&C is not only respected in the army but is equally trusted and venerated in the civilian quarters.

Being a ring in the same chain, Army Public School and College Malir is also keeping the traditions of APSACS by providing best of learning atmosphere to its students. Rightfully, the process of maintaining / upgrading the standards of education, services and ambience of an institution cannot be an easy task. It requires commitment, perseverance and above all sustained hardwork from each person associated with it. Since there is no end to improvement, therefore, to further enhance the standards of this great institution, complete structure and organization was revised and a team of carefully picked dedicated teachers, academic support and administrative professionals were employed. Today I can confidently claim that APS&C Malir is doing a commendable job for which its administration and faculty deserve applause. It is with their sincere efforts that APS&C Malir has transformed into an all encompassing institution with the best of administrative and teaching facilities.

Seeing the potentials of the staff and the faculty, I am very confident of the future of APS&C Malir as a role model for all the institutions in the region, INSHALLAH.

I wish and pray for its everlasting prosperity.

Chairman Garrison Working Board

General Officer Commanding 25 Mechanized Division

Malir Cantonment

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