Do not train children to learn by force, but direct them to what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy, the peculiar bent of genius of each Plato.


Keeping in view the short attention span of early learners in the Pre-School, we are bent upon play based learning and constantly hunting for new ideas for activities in the classes. In Today’s age where the child is immensely empowered by technology, there is a need to control and use this energy for a practical purpose.


The L.C.D’s in the classroom have boosted the visual learning to an extent, in yielding out better speaker, readers and helped a lot in the acquisition of language building, reading and writing skills in the students.


Our foremost targets are the slow learners and we see them coming up as rising intellectuals, with an effective remedial plan. We have trained the teachers to promote the value of “No Child Left Behind”. We are bent to upgrade the art of instruction, through meaningful workshops and training insets. We believe in intense transformation from “Caterpillars to Vibrant Butterflies!!”

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