Brig Rekhman Kadir Khan

President Garrison Working Board


I feel pride for being a team leader for Army Public Schools & College Malir Cantt . I am honoured to write a message for this magazine. The institution, from having a qualified teaching faculty to producing very impressive academic results, has come a long way since its inception.

I greatly appreciate the dedication of the staff, their willingness to take on positive challenges each year and their enthusiasm for adopting new approaches to teaching and learning. The growth of APS&C  has been a team effort all the way. Success of the school is due to the untiring effort of all involved. I wish the management of APS&C , its students and parents all the best for the future year and hope to see the institution prosper in the years to come.

The main aim of the school is to produce highly civilized, groomed and productive human power for future to meet the problems and challenges faced by the nation. It’s the responsibility of both teachers and parents to enable students to learn basic skills for a successful life; they have strong language and communication skills along with good grasp on other subjects and their basic requirements.

Creativity of young writers is evident in the impressive writings, articles, poems, riddles, jokes and other items.

I congratulate the whole team of magazine committee in highlighting the relevant topics, current issues and wide variety of articles.

Wishing all the success to the students and teachers.

Brig Rekhman Kadir Khan
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